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Build a life you love, doing work you love

as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach

At the Raskin Institute, we have taken our expertise from nearly a quarter century of wellness education and built a life-changing and world-changing opportunity for our students to become a Certified Health Coach. There is a new era of wellness professionals emerging, and you can be a part of this global evolution in health and happiness.

Our Certified Health Coach program is rooted in decades of scientific research in nutrition, pathology, coaching, physiology, mindfulness, psychology, and a wide range of other factors influencing the unique story of each individual’s well-being.

With our Certified Health Coach program you can:

  • Study anywhere at anytime
  • Join our thriving community of successful graduates
  • Be a part of the positive change in global wellness
  • Complete program in less than 6 months
Certified Health Coaching is a growing and in-demand field, with opportunities to help individuals and corporate clients improve their health and well-being. Be part of the health revolution!

The Need has Never Been Greater

The need has never been greater

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