The Raskin Story
Raskin Institute – The Story

Raskin Institute The Story

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, the Raskin Institute was founded by Lisa Helbig with a vision to transform the lives of students and clients for years to come. Health and wellness was the future, and it would be lead by people inspired to live vibrant and energized lives, and with a desire to share their gifts with others.

What began as a small massage school grew into a community of thousands of wellness practitioners who have manifested positive change in the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Raskin’s online programs now open a door that expands the Institute’s impact further. With curriculum always rooted in science and research, and education and career development at the highest levels of professionalism and quality, students of Raskin find themselves in an ideal family of health and wellness visionaries continuing to change the world.

In short, Raskin is the ideal community for health and wellness visionaries.

Here is what makes us unique:

The Raskin Institute…

  • is part of a transformative global movement dedicated to improving health and wellness world-wide
  • has had thousands of graduates who have manifested happier, healthier, and more vibrant lives both for themselves and their hundreds of thousands of clients
  • is part of one of the oldest natural health schools in North America
  • has doctor-developed curriculum rooted in research and science
  • is built on innovators in education with a history of cutting edge training and course-development
  • is simply put, a transformative and life-changing experience

24 Years!

Raskin is proud to look back on 24 years in natural health education excellence, and we are excited as we look forward to decades more.

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