The Raskin Difference

The Raskin Difference
The Raskin Difference

The Evolution of 25 years in Wellness Education

We are authentic in everything we do from our first contact with you through your graduation. This includes the quality of our education, the expertise and dedication of our instructors, and the community which will surround you throughout your process.

You will never see manipulated discounts¬Ě or time-sensitive “specials” trying to create unnecessary pressure around your education.

Education is never something to be bargained. It is here for you whenever you are ready.

The Feeling at Raskin

Teaching versus Training

A common approach in education is that schools try and have students absorb a great deal of information (facts and data), assuming that if students memorize enough and “know” enough they will be successful. The downside to this approach is that no matter how much information a person can hold, it will not guarantee their ability to apply that knowledge and insight appropriately when needed. And, it does not guarantee that the student embodies the knowledge deeply and thoroughly enough to the point where “knowledge” becomes true wisdom. At Raskin Institute, the emphasis of our curriculum is to train you in a way that you will experience, embody and attain the principles you are learning.

Healer, Heal Thyself – You can’t give what you haven’t got

“Healer, Heal Thyself” is an ancient phrase speaking to the transformative process a true healer navigates. Your education at Raskin is designed for you to experience directly the process and profoundness of personal healing and personal transformation. At Raskin, you are constantly presented with opportunities to embody and attain the essential skills facilitating the healing process. In your work with clients, healing often means moments of intense self-realization and cathartic release. And through these moments, your clients will experience change and evolution unfolding on multiple levels of life’s experience. For you to truly support your clients, you will need to have experienced and embodied this type of inner healing for yourself. This is what makes Raskin more than just a school. It opens the door for an entirely new experience of life for both you and those whom your life touches. From person to person, we change the world.

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